80/- : coming to a craft beer establishment near you

The story

From strong historical ties to living in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, the Bravo clan has always been, at least in part, Scottish at heart. Edinburgh’s Grassmarket is where Jarrett first sampled the classic style of 80/-, which kick started his love affair with malty beers. Know commonly known as Scottish Export ale, this copper beer has notes of caramel, toast and a hint of dark fruit from the malt. From the hops, earthy, floral and orange notes complete the flavour profile. Carbonated slightly lower to keep in touch with tradition, this is the beer for those looking for malt-driven session beer.

The specs

Name: 80/-

Style: Scottish Export ale

ABV: 4.3%

Malt: Voyager Craft Malt barley

Hops: EKG & WGV

Yeast: S-04

IBU: 22


Do you want a keg?

For all sales enquiries contact, please contact Brant, Jarrett or Tysen at bravobrewing@gmail.com.