The Love In- our first collaboration

The Love In is the first beer we’ve slapped our name on, and we couldn’t be happier with it. A 8.5% Double India Pale Ale, this beer packs a dank punch. 

Some extra special ingredients

Very much a collaborative effort, this beer materialized during one brewing sesh at Newstead.  This beer is extra special because we used our favorite brand of malts, @voyager_craft_malt , and a variety of lupuLN2 powders. This powder is not just science-y sounding, it's also a brewer's dream because it provides twice the concentration of hoppiness versus regular hop pellets. After all, it is a double IPA. 

Behind the name and logo 

You may be wondering why the Love In? The Love In is a nod to the brewers, past and present, of @newsteadbrewingco who have all stumbled into their own craft brewing ventures. On the logo from top to bottom: Gavin Croft @archerbrewing, Tim Goulding  @brewtalbrewers, and our very own Jarrett Bravo. 

Where to find the Love In

It's a limited release- so once it's gone, it's gone. Get your hands on some before we drink it all, exclusively at: both Newstead breweries (Milton and Newstead), Archer’s Bunker Bar (Spring Hill), the Scratch Bar (Milton) and Netherworld (Fortitude Valley). 

Thanks to all involved 

We cannot thank @newsteadbrewingco enough for making this happen and the guys at @archerbrewing and @brewtalbrewers for being a part of the creative process.