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Our story

The idea of Bravo Brewing began as many good stories do- over a beer or three. Jarrett, a professional brewer at an award-winning brewery, approached his brothers Brant and Tysen about forming a gypsy brewing outfit. 

With the surname Bravo, the name was simple.  Bravo Brewing is nod to all those who brew, whether homebrewers, professionals or adventurous beer lovers.

Bravo Brewing beers reflect the different tastes of the well-traveled trio, ranging from English milds through to double India Pale Ales. Our current focus is on one-off seasonal beers inspired by our travels and collaboration brews. 

What is gypsy brewing?

Currently, we are a gypsy brewing operation, meaning we don’t have our own brewery (all the photos on the site we're taken at Newstead Brewing Co.). Instead, we rent unused space from other local craft breweries to bring you unique, fresh, very limited release Bravo brews.



Wrath Child English IPA

THE STORY: Wrath Child is our Brewsvegas 2019 collaboration with Brewtal Brewers. The beer is named after Iron Maidens 1981 song “Wrath Child” as a homage our love of Metal. It was brewed for Mongrel Kitchen’s ‘Journey to the Maltiverse’ event which celebrates malt- the middle child of beer ingredients.

THE FLAVOUR PROFILE: Wrath Child is a British- style, malt forward IPA. Brewed using specialty Ethiopian Black Barley and Heritage Ryecorn provided by Voyager Craft Malt, the beer is copper in colour with a slightly sweet biscuit flavour and subtle hoppy aroma which comes from a mix of US (new world) and British (Nobel) hops as well as whole New Zealand hop flowers.

Sour FINAL.png

Boysenberry & Lime Sour

Happy Chappy.png

Happy Chappy Session Ale

THE STORY: The Petrie hotel during the 1970’s was a very different place. After stopping in for a beer on the way home from a hunting trip, a couple of larrikins, Gordon Chappell and Dickie Lane, decided the public bar needed some entertainment. They retrieved a small wild boar they’d brought back with them and let it loose in the pub. As it ran wild and madness ensued, all that could be heard over the ruckus was Gordon’s laugh and the nickname Happy Chappy was born. Here’s to beers, laughs, larrikins and our grandfather Gord.

THE FLAVOUR PROFILE: This deep golden session ale is a real crowd pleaser. A trio of hops lend balanced pine, citrus and stonefruit flavours, and from the malt, subtle notes of bread and toast. This beer is for those looking for a standout easy-drinking American-style session ale that doesn’t compromise on flavour.

80 schilling label.jpeg


Scottish Ale

THE STORY: From strong historical ties to living in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, the Bravo clan has always been, at least in part, Scottish at heart. Edinburgh’s Grassmarket is where Jarrett first sampled the classic style of 80/-, which kick started his love affair with malty beers.

THE FLAVOUR PROFILE: Known commonly known as Scottish Export ale, this copper beer has notes of caramel, toast and a hint of dark fruit from the malt. From the hops, earthy, floral and orange notes complete the flavour profile. Carbonated slightly lower to keep in touch with tradition, this is the beer for those looking for malt-driven session beer.


The Love In

Double IPA

THE STORY: The Love In is the first beer we’ve slapped our name on, and we couldn’t be happier with it. The Love In is a nod to the brewers, past and present, of @newsteadbrewingco who have all stumbled into their own craft brewing ventures. On the logo from top to bottom: Gavin Croft @archerbrewing, Tim Goulding @brewtalbrewers, and our very own Jarrett Bravo.

THE FLAVOUR PROFILE: A 8.5% Double India Pale Ale, this beer packs a dank punch.This beer is extra special because we used our favorite brand of malts, @voyager_craft_malt, and a variety of lupuLN2 powders. This powder is not just science-y sounding, it's also a brewer's dream because it provides twice the concentration of hoppiness versus regular hop pellets. After all, it is a double IPA.

Meet the Team

Brant Bio Photo.jpg

Brant Bravo

Like many before, Brant started homebrewing during his years studying teaching at uni as a way to make cheap beer. It wasn't until he moved to London did he realize there was more to beer than fizzy, bland lagers. Sampling many different beers while traveling through Europe, he decided to learn more about beer making. Brant volunteered at a small brewery which brewed cask ales. It's fair to say the bug has bitten and he has dreams of one day owning his own brewery.


Jarrett Bravo

Jarrett brewed his first beer at 15 after getting the brewing bug from his older brother Brant. A few years traveling through Europe, North America and New Zealand opened his eyes to real beer and got him thinking about adding numerous styles to his home brewing repertoire. After working in hospitality and construction, Jarrett decided to chase a dream of becoming a professional brewer. Being in the right place at the right time, he secured a job at Brisbane's Newstead Brewing Co and today, is a senior brewer at Newstead's original Doggett Street craft beer establishment.


Tysen Bravo

Diesel mechanic by day, beer connoisseur by night, Tysen is the youngest of the Bravo Brewing bunch. Over the past three years, he has had the pleasure of intermittently exploring breweries of the West Coast with his Californian fiancée. He is the newest home-brewer of the trio with his brewing style characterized by bold, hop-driven flavors inspired by his travels. When not drinking beer, you can find Tysen riding motorbikes, tinkering with cars, or planning his next overseas holiday.



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Featured in The Courier Mail: Queensland Business Monthly written by Stephanie Bennett, illustrated by Josh Woning Issue 45 July 2018


Featured in The Crafty Pint: Who Brews Bravo Beers?

The Bravo brothers, Brant, Tysen and Jarrett, might have spent decades homebrewing between them but, when they started out, brewing professionally wasn't exactly what was driving them.

For the oldest among them, Brant, it was about making cheap beer to survive life as a student. Jarrett, on the other hand, was spurred on by his curiosity and a love for science, after Brant showed him to brew when he was around 15. As for Tysen, well, with his two older brothers already afflicted, what choice did he have?

Article published by The Crafty Pint written by Will Ziebell June 2018



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